About us

At Spektral we research in “machine learning for real-time compositing”. We’re devoted to pushing out new cutting edge technology that gives users superior opportunities to create and work easily with cutouts of images and video.

The human visual system is extraordinary at recognition, segmentation, and compositing -simply through thought. Researchers have for decades been intrigued by these remarkable skills, and have therefore tried to build computer systems with similar properties.

This is notoriously a very challenging problem, but recently computers are able to reach human precision in certain recognition tasks. With no doubt this trend is bound to continue, bridging the gap between human cognition and artificial intelligence. The implications of these advances pave the way for new business models, as tasks that previously required human intervention can now be solved automatically by algorithms.

Spektral (former known as CloudCutout) was founded by Toke Jansen and Henrik Paltoft with the vision of becoming the standard software solution for removing the background of images. We started out in the US school photography industry creating a unique solution to professionally cutout portraits in seconds.

In 2016 we continued the tech developments teaching the algorithms how to cutout products. We created cutout.ninja, which is a site for creating webshop perfect images from semi-professional product photos.

In late 2016 the technology took a major leap in the development of a solution that automatically extrapolate a cutout from one frame to the next. This solution makes it possible to create mixed reality content for video in real-time.

In the beginning of 2017 we have been working fiercely with our algorithms on getting this cool technology available on a smartphone and thereby enabling anyone and anywhere to create mixed reality content.